Trusa NY Immigration: Immigration Assistance Services
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Immigration Assistance Services

Majority of all the applications sent to United States Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS, formerly the INS) are rejected or delayed. Why? Because the form was incomplete, contained errors, had improper documentation, or was filed incorrectly.

The United Sates immigration system is very complex. For recently arrived immigrant navigating through this system can be frustrating and time consuming. At TRUSA, our team of professionals work hard to reduce the difficulties associated with the US immigration process. We provide legal services in obtaining temporary work US visas, visa extensions, and permanent resident status for foreign nationals; and we assist clients in becoming naturalized US citizens, and solving problems with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (former US Immigration and Naturalization Services) and the Department of State.

Also we do NON-GOVERNMENT IDs and International Drivers Licenses. Click to get yours now!

We do all of the following!
  • Student Visas
  • Tax ID
  • Legal Photo ID
  • International Drivers License
  • Student Travel ID card
  • Visa Extentions
  • Travel Passport
  • Marriage Applications
  • Corporation set-up
  • Change of Status
  • Translations
  • Business and Tourist Invitations
  • Advance Parole Document
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Citizenship Application
  • Work Authorization